Two floors attic apartment with makeup room

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Lviv Quarter is a new residential estate in Kiev

The new attic apartment, owned by a makeup artist, has an interesting shape. It is located on the two last floors of one of the Lviv Quarter estate buildings. The estate is situated in Podil, a historical district of Kiev. On both of the apartment’s floors, the roof is pitched, so it took FTP-V roof windows for the whole place to fill it with light.

This eclectic Scadinavian-style apartment is a cosy place finished in pastel colors. Pink refrigeratorr and the wall covered with bananas create a lightsome climate in the interior. Both the kitchen and the makeup room have roof widows from the level of the floor up to the ceiling. Thanks to that, the owner can be benefited with good natural lighting while working at home. The bedroom upstairs is painted darker, but has lower sloped roof, so the pivot widow lets the owner have the sky above her head. It was practical to use the blind for this window so when the sun is shining too bright, it can be covered. At night, when the sky is clean, one can enjoy the view of the stars while lying in the bed.

Two floors attic apartment with makeup room

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