Nature inside the old military barrack

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Roof windows with awning blinds and electric control bring the comfortable living to the next level

An old military barrack in Ede (the Netherlands) has been transformed into apartments and a daycare center. The decision was made to keep the original looks of the buildings’ exterior. The interior however has been refreshed and adapted for living. Lots of natural light and protection from overheating contribute to comfort of the inhabitants lives.

The new living spaces have been modernized and adapted for everyday use. Roof windows combinations beyond the openwork staircases let a lot of natural light into the homes. The plants situated in the corners and on the staircase landings, along with the sky that can be seen through the roof windows, create natural atmosphere inside.

Some of the 132 white-framed FAKRO FTW-V roof windows are the Z-Wave version. The windows, installed at a high altitude, can be therefore easily controlled remotely. All the roof windows in the building are equipped with AMZ Solar awning blinds. These awnings, when lowered, protect the interiors from overheating during hot summer days. At the same time, lowered AMZ blinds let enough sunlight through, so it is not too dark in the houses. What is more, AMZ awning blinds limit the harmful reflections on the TV and computer screens by diffusing the sunlight. AMZ Solar are also remotely controlled. Eco-friendly solar powered awnings are easy to install because there is no need to provide electrical power supply.

Most importantly, the interiors filled with natural light give the users positive energy and mental comfort while being inside.

Nature inside the old military barrack

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