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Bloom: the largest white-body wall tile is by FAP ceramiche.

FAP Ceramiche
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The largest wall tile is Bloom, by FAP ceramiche.

The brand-new 80x160 cm size brings a seamless look to spaces, expressing the personality of the people living in the home thanks to the new patterns and endless application options.

This new series of white-body tiles can be used to create walls with surprising graphics and as few joints as possible; until now, no-one had ventured into the production of such large white-body wall tiles. Precisely because of the white body, the 80x160 cm slabs are light, easy to cut and perforate, and – last but not least – easy to handle.

Large surfaces are perfect for enhancing the beauty of the slabs, and Bloom can be used to create walls with a wallpaper effect by teaming three different slabs up to a standard ceiling height of 240 cm.

Material and colour burst through on the concrete-effect ceramics of the Bloom series, featuring both timeless warm shades and contemporary white, beige and grey shades, as well as striking accents of brown and blue.

The signature feature of this ceramic project are the three-dimensional decorations that sculpt the walls with ample new natural patterns every time. Two 3D textures inspired by hand-crafted techniques create beautiful walls with a cosy allure and a distinctive light and shade contrast: the brand-new Print brings an embroidered, lace-like look to the ceramics, with the pattern repeated all

over the slab, while the vibrant, pleasantly sensory sensation of Star creates a striking illusion of paper, enhanced by the large size.

The collection boasts the versatility required for large decorations with a spectacular effect. The beauty of Bloom is also evident in the sophisticated decorations Dandelion, Rose and Jungle, which mimic nature with a concerto of colours and light, material effects that grace the whole wall, while the large panels of Bloom Delavé open out spectacular views of the horizon, shaping romantic atmospheres. To embellish the walls, Bloom offers the metallic inserts Metal Brown Gold, Metal Blue Silver and Metal Grey Silver, with glittering relief effects that reflect attractively on the ceramics.

The large size and contemporary design make this series perfect for both residential and contract projects: the concrete effect blends appealingly into sophisticated, delicate home settings, but the versatility of Bloom also brings a delightfully original touch to commercial areas or the interiors of hotels, wellness facilities and restaurants.

Lastly, the numerous special trims can be used for perfect finishes.

Bloom offers a new perspective on the approach FAP ceramiche has always applied skilfully to ceramics. This innovative design solution combines creative craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies, allowing architects and designers to create settings that are flawless in terms of both structure and style.

Bloom: the largest white-body wall tile is by FAP ceramiche.

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