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YESLY, comfort-living for everyone

YESLY is the comfort-living system that makes your home smarter

YESLY is the smart-home system that allows for the intelligent management of lighting, curtains and electric shutters – in every room of the house – with considerable benefits in terms of home comfort and energy saving.

Through the devices comprising the YESLY system you can: switch lighting on or off and adjust its intensity; raise or lower electric blinds or curtains; activate or deactivate customized scenarios – all by using either your smartphone or voice commands through the Google and Amazon voice assistants.

Finder YESLY is a smart-home system that integrates YESLY devices which communicate with each other through Bluetooth 4.2 LTE technology. Bluetooth 4.2 LTE is smartphone compatible and excels at transferring data with extreme security. It does all this with minimized energy consumption and minimal transmission time – meaning that electromagnetic pollution in the home is negligible.

Finder YESLY represents the ideal comfort living solution to make your home smart in a few simple steps, from the installation process to the use of each individual device. To install the devices within the various rooms of the house, no renovation work or invasive building work is required: Just ask a qualified electrician to install and configure the various YESLY devices and set up your desired scenarios.

The YESLY system includes a total of eight devices, each with specific function(s): The heart of the entire system is the Bluetooth multi-function relay, a natural evolution of the traditional step relay. Depending on the version used, it has 20 or 21 available functions and allows you to switch lighting on or off, operate electric blinds and shutters and manage up to eight different scenarios. It is programmable via a smartphone with the Finder Toolbox app and is available in an octagonal shape for hidden mounting in a circular recessed wall box, or as a version for integrating within a switch box. Each relay allows for the remote control of up to two lighting circuits or the management of a single electric shutter.

The actuator is specifically designed to control shutters and electric curtains. It is of octagonal shape, programmable via the Finder Toolbox app and can be connected to both wired buttons and YESLY wireless buttons (the BEYON button and the Type 013B9 button).

The Bluetooth dimmer is specifically for controlling the light intensity of all or any of the lights in your home, functionally increasing and decreasing the light intensity and, at the same time, keeping energy consumption under control. Programmable via the app, it can be connected to the YESLY system buttons. It too is available as an octagonal version for hidden mounting or a version for integrating within a switch box.

With the Input Interface you can use a switch or pushbutton that is currently part of an existing home wiring system and transform it into a wireless YESLY switch to control your various YESLY devices.

YESLY also includes the BEYON wireless button which uses the energy harvesting principle and so requires no batteries or recharging. It is powered by the energy within the action of pushing the button, and so can be positioned anywhere, allowing the immediate control of lights or shutters and the management of individual scenarios. The wireless button is also available in a wall mounted version for a more conventional look.

The convenience and benefits of being able to check, or change, the state of lights and shutters in your home even when you’re not at home is easily achieved using the Finder Gateway, a device that allows the connection of YESLY to your home Wi-Fi network. What’s more, you can also control everything with voice commands through the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The range extender makes YESLY a wide-ranging comfort-living system: available in USB stick and hidden recessed versions, this signal amplifier represents the ideal solution for expanding the range of action in the event of communication difficulties between the various devices, or where coverage over a much larger home is required.


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