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Finder BLISS – Finder’s range of temperature controls dedicated to the home

Finder BlissT and Finder Bliss WiFi, the perfect temperature for your home every day

The Finder BLISS range comprises a room thermostat, and a Wi-Fi chronothermostat that can be programmed and managed at any time of the day, simply and quickly.

The Finder BLISS T room thermostat and the Finder BLISS Wi-Fi chronothermostat allow you to program the desired temperature in every room, automatically or manually, by changing the settings via smartphone or directly through the device settings.

The ultra-thin dimensions (a thickness of only 19.5mm and a width of 125.9mm), minimalist styling, and the clear and brilliant display make this Finder thermostat an elegant and versatile device in keeping with just about any furnishing style – suited for all areas of the home. What’s more, the feature of capacitive touch-sensitive keys with optical perception of touch simplifies use: Just touch the device to switch the thermostat on (or off), or to set the temperature to the desired level.

Finder BLISS T is the perfect solution for those who want to manage the temperature inside their home both quickly and easily. This room thermostat, equipped with a simple and intuitive interface, is powered by 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries and has 2 selectable day/night temperatures; a summer/winter function with temperature adjustment from 5 to 37° C and a display range from 0 to 50° C. PIN protected, Finder BLISS T is the perfect room thermostat for use in places like hotels and public places.

Finder BLISS Wi-Fi is the perfect device for those who want to program and manage the temperature of their home by controlling the settings remotely, anytime and anywhere. The option of remote management via the app (available for both iOS and Android systems) makes Finder Bliss Wi-Fi the ideal smart device for saving energy in your home. Through the app you can create weekly or daily programs and obtain reports and statistics on energy consumption in order to customize or optimize your heating management. The AUTOAWAY function of the Finder Bliss Wi-Fi allows the control of the temperature of your home according to your location: The chronothermostat will raise the temperature when you are close to your home and, conversely, will lower it after you leave.

Through the settings via the app, you can:

- Manage and select multiple chronothermostats simultaneously and perform multiple functions

- Manage multiple locations

- Receive information on the device such as low battery warning and on/off device status

- Have multiuser functions

- Plan weekly schedules according to need

- Set the temperature according to the calendar

- Manage energy consumption according to your lifestyle

- Activate the geolocation function through the AUTOAWAY function

In addition, with the app you can set the PIN of each chronothermostat, define the update times, set the thermal differential and select the season according to the date – so you can obtain maximum comfort with minimum effort at any time of the year.

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