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New power supply for the Finder BLISS range

Finder introduces a 230 V AC power supply for its BLISS Wi-Fi chronothermostat and BLISS2 smart thermostat.

With Finder’s range of BLISS thermostats and chronothermostats you can control the temperature in your home remotely with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (using the app), and (with the Finder Gateway) even with your Google or Amazon voice assistant.

Finder has now added a 230 V AC power supply for its BLISS thermostats and chronothermostats, offering a more economical and environmentally friendly solution. Using the power supply means less maintenance (no battery replacement) and allows quicker update times.

The BLISS range of thermostats and chronothermostats were initially powered by batteries alone, but now the option of a power supply brings much greater flexibility, making it suitable for almost every application. Using the power supply is ideal in new residential installations, and it can also be retrofitted in existing installations where using batteries is not ideal (such as in hotels, B&Bs and offices).

You can purchase the Finder range of BLISS products online or from reputable resellers of electrical supplies.

To find out more about BLISS, please see the relevant pages of the Finder website.



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