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New Type 12.A4 Astro time switch

The new Finder weekly time is the time switch designed to manage lighting according to the time-of-day and accounting for geographic and seasonal factors.

Finder expands the range of the devices designed to program and manage lighting with the Type 12.A4 Astro time switch with PWM / 0-10 V analogue output. A time switch designed to program and manage lighting in an optimal way based on the time-of-day and taking into account the seasonally variable level of natural lighting.

Finder 12 Series time switches are the ideal solution suitable for applications where a variable light level is required - programmable via smartphone with NFC communications.

It is compatible with power supply/ballasts with 0-10V or PWM inputs

These devices can be programmed for private and public lighting systems and are therefore well suited for apartments, houses, common areas of condominiums and offices (gardens, garages, driveways, and similar).

Finder Type 12.A4 Astro time switch is ideal for the timed control of artificial lighting of shop windows, advertising billboards and similar, while accounting for the seasonal variation of sunrise and sunset.

Equally, it could be used to set night or twilight lighting levels to a minimal, but safe, level particularly at times of little use – such as out-of-hours industrial estates and car parks.

With the Astro function, it is possible to program and control the lighting based on sunrise and sunset times after easily setting the geographical coordinates and time zones for most European countries via the Post Code or latitude and longitude

The 12.A4 has two programming modes: one “Smart” mode via smartphone with NFC communication and one “Classic” mode via the joystick. The “Smart” mode allows the user to read the programs, modify specific details to save programs using the smartphone.

It is compatible with power supply/ballasts with 0-10 V, PWM inputs or Slave Dimmer Type 15.11.

With the Dimmer Type 15.11 it is possible to control dimmable LED lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, dimmable electronic ballasts, CFL lamps.

Other features and functions:

• Analogue output level (0-99%) settable against Astro Sunset, Sunrise and Time-Clock based times

• Location coordinates easily settable for most European countries through Post Codes

• Offset function: allows programming of switching times offset from the Astro time (by up to 90 min, in 1 min steps)

• Minimum time interval setting - 1 minute

• Weekly program

• Summer/Winter European, Australian, Brazilian time

• Lock with a 4-digit PIN

• Auxiliary contact programmed to disconnect the supply from the ballast when the analogue output falls below 10%

Integral LCD display and easily replaceable internal battery allows for viewing time switch status, and for configuration and programming without being connected to the mains supply.

The new 12.A4 Astro time switch, in common with all other related Finder products, is produced in Italy according to a quality process that guarantees maximum reliability and safety. It also offers extreme flexibility in use thanks to the twin programming modes as well as tangible energy savings immediately following installation.

See the product data sheet to find out more.

New Type 12.A4 Astro time switch


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