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YESLY, the percentage control of electric blinds and shutters

The control of electric shutters (and blinds) with Finder YESLY becomes even smarter thanks to the new feature of control in percentage of opening.

Finder YESLY, the comfort living system made in Italy able to transform the house into a smart home in a few simple steps, becomes even smarter and more functional thanks to the possibility to implement the percentage control of electric blinds and shutters.

The update v.16 of the firmware of the Finder Type 13.S2 shutter actuator allows, in fact, to manage the opening status of electric shutters (or blinds) throughout the house, using Finder YESLY app. Once the app has been updated, in fact, the new section dedicated to the regulation of electric blinds and shutters will be available where it will be possible to view the opening status of each shutter (on 5 positions) from the home screen. The new feature allows the creation of full customized scenarios.

It is very important to set the movement times of the shutters accurately as the percentage opening/closing operation is based on exact calculations of the rise and fall times. Once the times have been set, the Type 13.S2 actuator will automatically calculate the time required for movement. At the end of the shutter opening/closing cycle, the opening values of the shutter will be visible in the app.

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Finder YESLY app,  the percentage control of electric blinds and shutters


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