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Finder video tutorials and product guide videos

Installing a BLISS2 chronothermostat or a Finder time switch is now easier thanks to the new video product guides and tutorials.

Installing and configuring Finder products is now easier than ever thanks to the new videos on the website, where you can find video tutorials and video product guides on the many Finder solutions for residential and commercial, and industrial applications. The videos, divided into several categories, include unboxing, presentations of new products and tutorials on the installation, assembly and configuration of different types of devices such as the BLISS2 chronothermostat range and video tutorials for configuring the Finder chronothermostat app.

You can also find videos for configuring Finder’s 12 Series time switches, including mini clips on how to set the date and time, channels and functions, and ON/OFF.

Finding these videos on is really very simple. You can find them in the Support section of the website as well as in the dedicated video section of the individual product pages.

Discover all Finder’s videos at!

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