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Control electric locks and socket outlets and with the new Finder Type 13.21 Bluetooth multifunction relay

This new Type 13.21 multifunction relay expands the range of YESLY devices and is ideal for the control of electric locks and controlled socket outlets - with the ability to manage high electrical loads.

Finder expands its range of YESLY devices with the new 16A Type 13.21 Bluetooth multifunction relay, designed for the control of high loads and for interfacing with other circuits in residential applications, such as in the case of controlled socket outlets and electric locks.

Included in the range of products for the commercial and residential sector, this new product adds to the YESLY system’s capability to make a smart home even smarter and more functional.

With this new multifunctional Bluetooth relay, the Made-in-Italy YESLY comfort living system adds the possibility of centralising the control of sockets and electric locks to the control of lighting and shutters – ever increasing comfort with greater safefy within the home.

Thanks to the volt-free contact and its 16 A rating, the Finder Type 13.21 relay has technical characteristics that make it particularly suitable for specific applications, such as for example, the remote control of socket outlets or electric locks – not just from within the home but even remotely, or even via the Google and Amazon voice assistants (when working with the Gateway2 device).

Using the Finder Toolbox Plus app, available for Android and iOS systems, you can quickly set the desired function, associate wireless buttons, input interfaces and create customized YESLY scenarios.

Similar in design to the Type 13.22 relay, with which it shares the Rla (switch control) function, the Type 13.21 is characterized by a single 16 A changeover output, a total of 12 selectable functions, various timed functions and zero-crossing switching. Designed for installation inside recess-mounted junction boxes, it can also be mounted on a 35mm rail, thanks to the new Type 013.17 adapter.

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