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New features for the Finder Bliss smart thermostat

Finder launches its enhanced version of the Finder Bliss app with some interesting new features and improved user experience.

This new Finder Bliss app, available for Android and iOS systems, presents some interesting new features and settings - offering increasingly smarter, smart home climate control!

Read on to see what is new.

- SEASON MODE: Using this mode, available in the Settings menu, it is possible to change the season mode for the entire home by operating on multiple devices at the same time.

- FIND MY DEVICE: This feature, particularly requested by technicians in this sector, simplifies the device Setup processes in those cases where it is not easy to identify a correspondence between a physical device and one in the app.

- CUSTOM BRIGHTNESS: This new function allows you to customize the brightness level of the display, on a scale from 1 to 10. (Note that normally the brightness of the device is adjusted automatically by an internal sensor, according to the ambient light level).

- TEMPERATURE OFFSET: Using this function it is possible to shift, positively or negatively, the displayed temperature to better represent the temperature being experienced.

- THERMAL INERTIA ADJUSTMENT: A new section has been added within the Finder BLISS app by which to set - through a dedicated slider - the inertia values, which in turn will ensure the most appropriate temperature control switching action. Consequently:

In the case of low thermal inertia it is advised to set a value between 10 and 30.

In the case of high thermal inertia it is advised to set a value between 40 and 60.

- DISPLAY LOCK: This setting, useful for locations such as hotels and offices, allows you to lock the display so as to limit the settable temperature within a minimum and maximum range – which you select.

- EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY SETTINGS: thanks to this setting you can set the thermostat power supply method - choosing between “battery”, “powered” or “automatic”.

- BLISS2 ALWAYS ON: And finally, with this version you have the ability to customize the illumination of the thermostat screen. (A feature only possible in the case where the device is externally powered.)

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