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Finder: Trade fairs and events in 2022

Find Finder’s programme of trade fairs and events for this year – Italy and worldwide.

Finder enters the new year with its participation in events and trade fairs in Italy and abroad.

Despite the constantly changing and challenging situation dictated by the current pandemic, Finder starts the year with confidence, and with the expectation of a general recovery, by participating in key trade fairs and events in Italy and beyond.

You can consult the constantly updated programme of trade fairs at which the Italian company will be present in the Fairs and Events section of the Finder website.

As it stands, barring postponements or cancellations due to force majeure, in 2022 Finder will be participating in key events and exhibitions in the following countries: Italy, Poland, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Argentina and Sweden.

NB: The calendar is constantly being updated.

On the ‘FinderEventi’ portal, you can participate in training events organized by the company for technicians, installers and engineers. It’s a multilingual virtual space for online training (available in Italian, German and Polish) dedicated to professionals, where you can keep up-to-date with all the latest news related to the electrical sector.

Visit the Fairs and Events page of the website to keep abreast of all upcoming events and the latest news.

For Finder's programme of live webinars and video on demand, visit


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