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Finder presents a new video featuring its 18 Series of movement and presence detectors

A new video featuring Finder's 18 Series of movement and presence detectors is available on

The range, comprising detectors and sensors with multiple functions, lets you to turn on the lights only when necessary, bringing you significant energy savings. The 18 Series devices can be installed outdoors or indoors, can illuminate corridors, common areas, offices and many other environments. The range consists of devices designed for different types of installations, whether in a ceiling or false ceiling, or recessed into a wall.

In places with little movement of people, the Finder movement and presence detectors switch the lights on or off depending on the presence or absence of people, increasing the level of safety and of course bringing significant energy savings.

The 18 Series also includes adjustable devices that, thanks to their IP 54 and IP 55 protection ratings, can be installed in outdoor environments such as private gardens, garages or parking lots.

Some models in the range, such as the Type 18.5K movement detector with KNX interface, are the ideal solution for managing lighting in areas such as offices, common areas and classrooms, where its sensor can cover an area of up to 64 square meters. The Type 18.5K movement detector is available in versions for KNX or DALI home automation systems.

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