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Finder KNX products

The Finder catalogue includes a range of devices with KNX technology, designed to achieve maximum ‘comfort living’ at all times, offering green and sustainable solutions.

The home automation and building automation sectors are constantly evolving, and today there are multiple solutions on the market designed to meet increasingly complex needs.

KNX technology, developed in the early 1990s, is the first open and independent building automation standard, approved as a European (EN 50090 - EN 13321-1) and worldwide (ISO/IEC 14543) standard.

In Finder's catalogue you can find made-in-Italy solutions that can be integrated into KNX systems, designed to optimize energy consumption within environments such as commercial buildings, industries, offices, homes, public places and schools. Suitable for indoor or outdoor installations in new builds or for retrofit, they can be customized and scaled according to the users’ needs.

BACS (Building Automation Control Systems) can bring energy savings of up to -30% compared to a traditional system. The use of a standard such as KNX is required to meet the UNI EN 15232 standard for non-residential commercial and tertiary installations.

Finder devices with KNX technology can be used to control and manage lighting and heating systems, ventilation, air conditioning, household appliances, electricity meters, water systems, and CCTV.

Finder's products for use with KNX systems include:

- Types 18.4K and 18.5K PRO movement detectors: With extensive sensing areas up to 64 square meters (according to type) are ideal for installation in environments such as hallways, offices, schools and common areas.

- Type 15.2K 2-channel universal dimmer: Leading Edge or Trailing Edge and ETS configurable. Suitable for LED, halogen, CFLs and transformers.

- Types 1K.02 and 1K.04 KNX interfaces: With 2 digital inputs for dry contacts and 2 outputs for LEDs. 8 advanced logic functions and available with 2 or 4 inputs.

- Type 1K.UB USB interface for KNX BUS: A compact device that connects your PC through the USB port in order to manage your KNX system through the ETS.

- Type 78.2K KNX power supply: Offering thermal protection, overload protection and short-circuit protection .

- Type 19.6K 6-channel KNX switching actuator: Suitable for high inrush currents, and featuring 6 AgSnO2 output contacts rated 16 A 250 V AC 16A contacts with a maximum peak current up to 120 A.

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