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Finder, thermostats and chronothermostats for residential and commercial temperature control

The Finder catalogue includes a wide range of programmable thermostats and chronothermostats to manage the climate in your home or office.

The end of summer brings our heating system into sharp focus, which now as never before must be managed efficiently due to the continuous increase in the cost of energy.

The ability to program the system to turn on or off, as well as to manage the temperature within the home or office can therefore be a valuable tool to combat energy waste, and to bring cost savings.

Finder’s offering includes a wide range of thermostats and chronothermostats designed for residential and commercial thermoregulation. Stylish ‘Made in Italy’ solutions that allow you to optimize the use of your heating system, easily adjusting the temperature as required.

Finder thermostats and chronothermostats can be programmed through a dedicated app (depending on the model) which allows these devices to be managed in a smart way, thanks to the integration of Bluetooth technology (to control the devices locally), and through the WiFi network via the Finder Gateway – compatible with Google and Amazon voice assistants.

Finder thermostats and chronothermostats can be wall-mounted or flush-mounted, mains powered or battery-operated, and, thanks to a minimal and stylish design, they look good almost anywhere.

Main features include:


The Finder 1C Series includes digital touch wall-mounted chronothermostats, including BLISS2, the latest addition to the range. The main features of this series include – for some models only – the possibility of managing the entire system remotely, integration with the Finder YESLY comfort living system, and compatibility with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

- Type 1C.51 digital ‘touch’ weekly programmable chronothermostat with automatic daylight-saving update calendar and summer/winter setting

- Type 1C.61 digital ‘touch slide’ wall-mounted chronothermostat. Ultra-thin with backlit display, touch keys and guided programming

- Type 1C.71 ‘touch basic’ wall-mounted chronothermostat. Ultra-compact, with touch display and guided programming.

- Type 1C.81 NFC digital chronothermostat, with touch display, guided programming and NFC communication

- Type 1C.91 BLISS WiFi chronothermostat. Controlled by app, with manual or guided programming, and remote management

- Type 1C.B1 Bliss2 smart thermostat, remotely controllable via dedicated app using the 2nd-generation Finder Gateway (Type 1Y.GU) or with Amazon or Google voice assistants. Bliss2 can be integrated into the Finder YESLY system.


The 1T Series includes mechanical and digital wall-mounted thermostats designed for simple operation and easy programming. The range comprises:

- Type 1T.01 mechanical wall-mounted room thermostat, with temperature adjustment of +7...+30 °C, and indicator light

- Type 1T.31 digital wall-mounted thermostat, with day/night operation mode and with temperature adjustment of +5...+37 °C

- Type 1T.41 digital wall-mounted thermostat with temperature adjustment of +5...+33 °C

- Type 1T.51 digital ‘touch’ thermostat, with backlit touch display and guided programming

- Type 1T.91 BlissT digital thermostat, with backlit capacitive touch keys and user-friendly interface. Temperature adjustment of +5...+37 °C

To learn more about the Finder range of residential and commercial thermoregulation products, visit .


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