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Finder introduces its latest movement detector

Finder 18 Series movement detectors range expands with a new version of the Type 18.4K

Finder's range of movement and presence detectors has been expanded to include the Type 18.4K with KNX interface, featuring dynamic light regulation, and designed for installation in corridors and common areas.

The Type 18.4K.9.030.0001 movement and presence detector with KNX interface for use in corridors and common areas has a sensing area of 30 meters length and 4 meters width, with two detection areas, right and left. Suitable for ceiling and false ceiling mounting, it allows for dynamic light regulation.

Discover more about the technical features:

- Wide coverage area: 30 meters length and 4 meters width

- Dynamic light regulation

- Logic ports

- Up to 5 outputs (datapoint) for load control (lighting, HVAC)

- Adjustment of ambient light threshold and PIR sensitivity

- Master/slave management

- Adjustable brightness control

- Reporting of light level and movement status (for security purposes)

- Suitable for ceiling and false ceiling installation – Suitable for ETS 4 (or latest versions)

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