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The IMQ mark certifies Finder YESLY products

The Italian Quality Mark Institute certifies the Type 13.21-B000, 13.22 and 13.S2 relays, which can be integrated within the YESLY comfort living system.

New important certification for YESLY devices, the innovative Finder-branded comfort living system, which allows intelligent management of lights, electric shutters and much more.

The Type 13.21-B000, 13.22 and 13.S2 relays have, in fact, passed the IMQ approval, the Italian body that certifies the conformity of the devices required by the reference standards, adding a lasting value over time.

The Italian Institute of the Quality Mark, with over 70 years of experience in business, is today one of the most important Italian companies in the sector of product conformity assessment. The approval of the Finder relays that can be integrated within YESLY confirms the installation of safe, efficient and professional devices with reliable performance. An important benefit that adds value to a complete smart ecosystem, designed to ensure maximum comfort in any type of home.

Finder YESLY IMQ certified relays

Finder relays that are YESLY compatible and certified by the Italian Quality Mark Institute, in particular, have different characteristics. Let's see them together:

Type 13.21-B000 relay: it is a multifunctional relay equipped with Bluetooth technology, with 1 clean changeover contact of 16 A, designed for flush mounting.

Type 13.22 relay: it is a multifunction relay with Bluetooth technology, equipped with 2 6 A contacts and designed for flush mounting. It can be integrated into the smart YESLY system and allows, for example, to turn on/off lights or operate the electric shutters.

Type 13.S2 relay: it is a specific actuator for the management of electric awnings or rolling shutters, suitable for controlling a rolling shutter and/or adjusting the opening percentage (always manageable using the YOU Finder app).

To find out more about all the functions of the YESLY system and to download the technical documentation of the individual products, visit now.


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