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Finder presents the Type 12.B2 Bluetooth Astro Time Switch

Finder's dedicated range of time switches expands with the the new Bluetooth Astro Time Switch

Finder further expands its catalog with the entry of the Type 12.B2, a Bluetooth Astro Time Switch designed for panelboard installation and programmable with Finder Toolbox app.

The installation of this time switch, allows, specifically, to manage certain applications of different ways depending on the time of year, in multiple contexts such as schools, stores, small automations, public lighting and advertising. It can be used, for example, to program irrigation systems according to certain weeks or months, or to automatically set lights on and off in public lighting systems.

The device is programmed via the Finder Toolbox app, where parameters and features can be set without necessarily being in close proximity to the device.

In addition, synchronization with the Type 012.BG.8.230 Bluetooth GPS antenna allows the Type 12.B2 to always receive up-to-date information about the date and time, to ensure its proper operation.

As well as the two output terminals, the outputs can be expanded via Bluetooth using up to four additional Type 13.21-B electronic relays. You can also use up to four Type 1Y.P2 input interfaces to manually switch the time switch channels, by-passing programming, with up to eight additional inputs (including toggle, force ON or OFF status and staircase light).

Let's discover together the main technical features of Type 12.B2:

– 2 changeover 16 A

– Expandable via Types 13.21-B and 1Y.P2

– Synchronizable via GPS

– Manual programming

– Bluetooth 5 Long Range

– Configuration via the Finder Toolbox app

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