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Finder 15 Series dimmers – the complete range

Let's take a look at all the dimming devices currently offered by Finder.

Dimmers are devices that let you regulate the light intensity of different types of lamps.

The types of lamps that you can manage with Finder dimmers include compact fluorescent, halogen, LEDs and LED strips in both 230 V AC and 12/24 V DC.

What are the advantages of Finder dimmers?

The 15 Series devices are versatile, and let you set your ideal level of brightness – while at the same time bringing you energy savings.

In the range there are a number of different types of dimmers, including 35 mm rail mount, recessed, wall box mount, Bluetooth technology and KNX – designed for building automation applications.

The offering includes the Type 15.51 (flush panel mount), the Type 15.91 (wall box mount), the Type 15.81 (35 mm rail mount) and the Type 15.21-0200 – specifically for LED loads rated 230 V AC.

There are also the Types 15.10 and 15.11, part of a ‘master and slave’ system for dimming multiple lighting loads. The system operates at 0-10 V, and the ‘master’ can drive up to 32 ‘slaves’ simultaneously. The range also includes dimmers for YESLY, Finder's smart home system, the Type 15.71 compatible with most common Italian residential switch boxes, the Type 15.21.8 for 230 V AC loads and the Type 15.21.9 with PWM technology – for low-voltage LED strips.

The range also includes the Type 15.2K, a universal dimmer with KNX protocol for building automation, with 2 x 400 W channels.

There are also dedicated accessories such as a residual current suppression module – designed to absorb any small leakage current when switching off a lamp, a neutral-phase conversion module for pushbuttons for use when retrofitting, and a 35 mm rail mount adaptor.

To learn more about Finder dimmers, download the technical documentation on


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