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Finder presents new KNX solutions video

KNX technology improves comfort, safety and contributes to significant energy savings and less impact on the environment. Finder presents a new dedicated video.

The KNX protocol is the most internationally recognised standard for the automation of residential and tertiary installations. Choosing this type of solution means increased comfort, safety and energy savings, which in many cases can be as much as 50%.

Finder's KNX range includes devices that are the result of more than 65 years of experience, in various fields, also applied to Building Automation.

In the catalogue, you can find KNX devices such as actuators, power supplies, movement and presence detectors and interfaces.

In detail we can find: 6 Channel Switching Actuator, the 2 Channel Universal Dimmer, the Switch Mode Power Supply, the USB interface for configuration, the movement and presence detectors for corridors and the input interfaces. These devices are suitable for different applications such as general load control, LED strip regulation in 230, dry contact interfacing and dynamic dimming. All this makes them compliant with current regulations.

Let's see the products:

- Power Supply KNX bus output 30 V DC 640 mA - Type 78.2K

- Universal Interface 2 - 4 outputs Type 1K.02 e 1K.04

- PIR movement detectors Type 18.4K e 18.5K PRO

- Universal 2 Channel Dimmer 400 W 230 V AC Type 15.2K

- 6 Channel Switching Actuator 16 A relay outputs Type 19.6K

- USB Interface Type 1K.UB

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