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Finder's climate solutions: Digital Thermostats 1C Series

Finder's 1C Series thermostats and programmable thermostats allow you to always keep temperature and energy consumption under control, even remotely.

The Finder range dedicated to thermoregulation management in residential and commercial sector includes simple and essential solutions designed for intelligent and careful climate management in any type of environment.

The wall-mounted digital touch programmable thermostats from Finder's 1C Series - depending on the models - enable you to monitor the temperature consistently through the Finder YOU app, even remotely, or by using the Google and Amazon vocal assistants.

Let's explore the range:

Smart Thermostat Bliss2 - Type 1C.B1: the intelligent home climate solution, integratable into the YESLY smart home system. Equipped with an intuitive and functional screen, it allows easy climate management through the app, even remotely or via the voice assistants of Google and Amazon. Bliss2 works in synergy with Gateway Type 1Y.GU.005.1, combining long-range connectivity, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology to ensure the thermostat's total functionality. It can operate with a dedicated power supply. Additional features include a lit display when powered, matrix display, humidity sensor, temperature range display lock, and light sensor. The Bliss2 kit with a smart thermostat and Gateway is also available.

Bliss WiFi Thermostat - Type 1C.91: allows simple and fast temperature programming, with the ability to control and modify settings anytime, anywhere, thanks to remote management via the app. Equipped with AutoAway functionality: sets a temperature that the system will maintain when you move a certain distance (selectable) away from home. This ensures significant energy savings and maximum comfort.

Digital Programmable Thermostat - Type 1C.71: a wall-mounted programmable thermostat with an ultra-compact design, multifunction touch keys, and multi-icon display. It allows regulation on three temperature levels and also features the Timed Manual function, which maintains the temperature even in the absence of occupants.

Wall-mounted Digital Programmable Thermostat - Type 1C.61: allows temperature regulation through simplified and guided daily programming (with weekly settings). Compact and linear design with a special compartment to cover and protect the sliders.

To learn more and explore all Finder solutions dedicated to thermoregulation, find out the documentation on


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