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New flooring solution (click system)

FLOOVER MINERAL is the successful combination of a perfectly stable mineral (stone) core board and the optical design variety of the newest digital printing technology. Thanks to the digital technology, it is possible to customise any decor.

Associated to the properties of the hardwearing surface technology KORUS, Mineral is suitable for almost every area, from residential areas to highly frequented commercial areas.

Its appearance is very close to ceramic and the click system allows a floating installation, without glue and without dilatation (unique for click system flooring). MINERAL is also an alternative to plastic or wood based flooring and remains in perfect harmony with the nature (100% recyclable). The remarkable technical features are totally convincing.

Two formats available: cement /stone designs in 920x460mm and wood designs in 1235 x 200 mm.

SWISS MADE flooring!!


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