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Rigid waterproof click vinyl: Nice and reliable for commercial use!!

Jérôme Gaubert
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Swiss Made floor!!

FLOOVER has the longest experience of waterproof rigid vinyl flooring in click system. We do produce it since 2011!!

We also are one of the very very few vinyl click flooring manufacturers in Europe and we do match with all European and environmental standards.

We do offer a vast choice of decors in wood, cement and stone imitation suitable for domestic and commercial use.

Thanks to our European production, we can deliver quickly and we also are very flexbile in terms of minimum quantities.

Most of our decors are available in glue down and Hdf Click versions too and we can offer all type of finishing accessories in the same decors.

Quality durability and flexibility are key words for us!

Decor SD55-2901
Decor SD55-2901

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