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Franke is revolutionizing the construction industry
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Franke Water Systems, a new provider of BIM services in France

Franke Water Systems, a new provider of BIM services in France

BIM has become a matter of course all over the world...but it hasn’t been fully adopted in France yet.

Despite the government's efforts in recent years to make the use of digital technology in the construction industry "good practice", the French market is struggling to get started.

One of the advantages of BIM is that it strengthens the collaboration between all the participants in a project. With its knowledge of the market and key players in the construction industry, Franke Water Systems is revolutionizing the French market in an unexpected way.

The world leader in products and solutions for residential kitchens and bathrooms is innovating in the public and semi-public sanitary market by launching "BIM Services by Franke," a comprehensive pilot program to provide assistance and support to all participants in the construction industry.

BIM Services: everything you need to make digital easier for construction companies

“Franke is revolutionizing the construction industry!” the Swiss giant in B2B sanitary solutions launched its campaign on May 14, 2018, only in France for the moment, with this slogan.

“Revolutionize” is the right word: with this initiative, Franke Water Systems is the first industrial world player to offer a turnkey solution to all the participants in a construction or renovation project.

The “BIM Services by Franke” solution is the first collaborative solution to address all of the participants in a construction project, whatever their role, each step along the way.

What is the cornerstone of this system? The idea behind this modular service is that “BIM Services by Franke” assists all professionals in the building industry with both diagnosis and consulting, BIM modeling, project management or BIM project management support as well as BIM training.

This solution is aimed at architects, R&D, contractors, general contractors and installers as well as building investors.

Do better with less!

Franke’s promise: do better with less, better value distribution and better use of resources, every step along the way for construction projects. An experienced BIM team, made up of specialists from the building trades, helping all professionals in the building industry.

A powerful and innovative partnership

Franke is innovating doubly by relying on a solid partner with a firm grip on the BIM chain: BIMSKY, a young Lyon-based start-up known for its training and support of the trades in the implementation of BIM for the French market.

By calling on Bimsky to help with its revolution, Franke is committed to "optimizing the design and construction of sanitary projects" for its customers.

About Franke Water Systems

Franke Water Systems is one of the world's largest suppliers of innovative and intelligent systems and solutions for public, semi-public and commercial restroom facilities. The world of Franke Water Systems and its innovative solutions have made Franke famous for decades on a global scale. For more info go to:

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BIMSKY was born out of a group of BIM enthusiasts, all from the construction industry, who wanted to be at the forefront of the top practices surrounding this new change and also to integrate it with a caring approach. A story of men and women who enjoy working together on the exciting adventure that is BIM

Franke is revolutionizing the construction industry