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Connected solution VISIO

With our box and its Frisquet Connect app, your boiler obeys you, wherever you are, by using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Thanks to ECORADIOSYSTEM VISIO®, our onboard multizone digital control, Frisquet Connect is compatible with all our VISIO boilers: Tradition, Evolution or Condensation and Hybrids.

The app associates design and advanced technology to give easy and intuitive access to all the ECORADIOSYSTEM VISIO® functionalities:

• Determine new heating and hot water programs

• Display temperatures, inside and outside and the running programme

• Break the usual regulations: holidays, dispensation, permanent comfort

• Consult your monthly energy consumption (for Condensation)

• Increase punctually the comfort temperature of +1°C until the next reduced period

And lots more besides. Explore all the Frisquet Connect functionalities on frisquet.com


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