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Gancedo Ready presents the new soft furnishings collection

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At Gancedo we are aware of the important role soft furnishings play when it comes to updating rooms.

Not only do they have the power to bring the look of a room up to date, they’re also our closest allies when we want to decorate the house in keeping with the different seasons of the year, always up to the minute with the latest trends. At Gancedo this spring-summer season, we have extended our Gancedo Ready Collection to include cushions in fashionable colours such as mustard yellow and powder pink; in fabrics such as linen, cotton and velvet, with quirky finishes, textured, and made up with minute attention to detail and embellished with trimmings. As we will show you below, these are new designs which open up endless decorating possibilities.

Green for that relaxin tranquil feel
Green for that relaxin tranquil feel

Green is another colour trending this spring-summer. Perhaps it’s because there is nothing like it for creating an atmosphere where peace reigns sublime? The Pináculo Collection is a triangular-patterned figured viscose velvet on a linen background, adding that touch of warmth and sophistication, and Lombok, in an ever-fashionable striped pattern. Cushions in different shades of green are ideal for decorating a bedroom mainly featuring ecru or white tones. Wallace cushions are woven in pure cotton with a very contemporary denim-effect finish, in fashionable vintage shades such as sea green, purple, mustard yellow and powder pink. They are ideal for mixing and matching with each other and with fabrics from the HappyTex by Gancedo Lombok Collection: a blended striped pattern and a choice of two plain ones, some embellished with an edging and others with a quirky topstitch in white.

Powdery shades in fashion

We’ve reached the bedroom: the other room in the house in which cushions play an important decorative role. In this case, we’re also going for pastel shades, a trend which began a few springtimes ago, continued throughout the summer, was a winner in winter, and this spring-summer 2018 is still in full swing. The soft shades of pastel colours are bright, fresh and versatile, lending visual space to small rooms. In the Lombock (above), Garbí and Sasak (the last one) Collections you will find cushions in these shades. The Sasak cushions come in a viscose, cotton and linen fabric mix, in a pattern which gives it texture. Its beige linen colour mixes and matches perfectly with any of the cushions from the Gancedo Ready Collection.

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