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How to choose the perfect rug

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As well as embellishing and bringing warmth to their surroundings, rugs are essential extras which enhance the decor of any room.

But it’s important to find a type which fits our tastes and the quirks of the room where we are going to put it.

At Gancedo we want to help you to choose the perfect rug and for this reason, as well as presenting you with our mini-guide, we want to introduce you to our two latest collections: Dhurries and Geometric, the perfect solutions for up-to-date interior design.


These rugs are manufactured in different materials – wool, cotton, synthetic fibres…Whichever you opt for will depend on how you plan to use them. Our handmade Dhurrie Collection rugs, woven in 100% pure new wool, are notable for the scrupulous attention to detail paid both to their perfect knotting and to the dyes selected. Since woollen rugs protect against both heat and cold, their use is recommended all year round. They are soft, easy to clean and have great flexibility – they recover their original shape whether squashed by a piece of furniture or anything else – and are colourfast.

Design and colour

What effect are you aiming for? If what you want is for the rug to blend into the décor, choose a design in the same shades as your other fabrics; ecru designs are ideal for lending a light touch to decorating schemes in which strong colours or bold patterns are the keynote, while rugs patterned in contrasting shades become the focal point of the décor. Above, a sample from the Dhurrie Collection, with a geometrical print and the characteristic ecru background (the weft) worked in five different colours: yellow, blue, sky blue, brown and black. These are reversible and hard-wearing.

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