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Filomuro, doors that enhance your spaces

Interior doors, armoured doors and fire doors characterised by essential design

Characterised by the absence of frames and mouldings, the flush-to-wall doors produced by Garofoli can blend in with vertical surfaces or highlight the passage with colours or transparencies.

Concealed doors, integrated into the wall and with a minimalist style, or standing out, to create a sharp contrast with vertical surfaces, highlighting the transition from one room to another: the fact that doors are a fundamental element in determining the mood and style of a space is a well-established truth. Garofoli, one of the world's leading companies in the design, production and marketing of interior doors, with a particular specialisation in solid wood doors, knows this well.

The 100% Made in Italy brand presents a collection of flush doors, called Filomuro, with interior doors, armoured doors and fire doors characterised by essential design and great versatility.

The idea behind the collection is to eliminate the superfluous. The Filomuro line is frameless, in a sign of rigour and formal cleanliness. The full-height solution, with the door reaching up to the ceiling, gives even greater continuity and verticality to the door, suggesting total integration with the other surfaces of the space.

The Garofoli Group's Filomuro doors offer numerous solutions in terms of materials and finishes: wood, glass, marble-effect glass, lacquered surfaces in matt and glossy colours... Their perfect coplanarity allows the door to be painted or covered with wallpaper, giving designers great freedom of composition. All this without sacrificing performance, both in terms of sound insulation and fire resistance. Garofoli is the only manufacturer to create a flush-mounted door that can be perfectly integrated into the environment but with the characteristics of a Rei 120 with 47 decibels of insulation.

The top models in the Filomuro collection are: Biverso, a bi-directional door that can be opened by both pushing and pulling; Bilato which, thanks to its door of the same thickness as a standard wall and its concealed hinge, is perfectly flush with the wall on both sides.

In addition to the wide selection of handles with a minimalist design, Filomuro doors can be combined with the innovative Filomuro skirting board. Their special type of installation, made possible thanks to an aluminium profile available for both masonry and plasterboard, allows the smooth skirting board to be recessed into the wall and made flush with the wall, just like the door.



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