Modern: A contemporary revisitation of Shapes and Spaces

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Delineo presents its modern doors collection

The collection explores wood, as a material with different expressive possibilities. Plays of light, perspectives, a refined approach to lightness and transparency through a subtle use of glass, engravings and low-relief, our top-level experience in the brushing finish technique. These are just a few distinctive features of DELINEO’s modern doors collection.

In our AIDA door model, Ash, Oak and Yellowpine are the three main wood veneers. The horizontal lines of the door strengthen its presence and transform our model in a real design work.

LICIA is our “versatile” door. In its most common and appreciated version, with a fir core, Licia adapts to most of residential projects. The brushing finish adds a final touch of style.

LOLA is a door of refined presence. Thanks to its three main structural elements, its squared profiles and its linear shape, LOLA gives personality to every room.

Geometrical engravings, lacquered finishing and Minimal style. OLIVIA is The modern door. Simple and environmentally friendly thanks to the use of water-based paints.

AGATA: distinguished style. Its deep panthograph lines and borders are AGATA’s distinctive signature. This model represents our idea of perfect compromise between classic and modern styles.

Modern: A contemporary revisitation of Shapes and Spaces

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