Casa12 Restaurant and House/Residence.

Delineo Group
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Restaurant and House/Residence, Cesenatico. Italy.

Casa12 is a House/Residence B&B realized in Cesenatico, restructuring an ancient residence overlooking the famous Porto Canale, in front of the Museo della Marineria.

The structure is developed in height, as the majority of the Porto Canale buildings. At the ground floor you can find the restaurant 12Ristorante, at the first floor there is the reception and the 5 B&B bedrooms. The internal rooms have been slightly modified, in order to obtain a bathroom for each of the 5 bedrooms, while the rest of the structure has not been modified.

The residence has been restructured and decorated with the aim to create a cozy environment with the same comfort and care of the details that you can only find at home. This is the reason why we have called it Casa12.

These characteristics have been emphasized at the second floor where you can find the relax and breakfast area.

The structure is characterized by classical element as the boiserie and the French-style parquet that are merged with modern interior furniture and accessories from all over the world. Thanks to this innovative interior design the Casa12 is elegant and highly customized.

The request was to create the sensation that even if you are traveling, the feeling when you walk through the door of Casa12, is to be at your own home.


Wood wall.


Stairs and wooden table.

Casa12 bedroom.

wooden interior furniture.

12Ristorante façade

view of the outside.

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