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WE MEET ON AIR: stay still while running

Ge Giussani meets the world of architecture and designs the furniture sector of the future

Ge Giussani is a leader in the furniture sector and in the construction of movable walls, as well as partition panels. This leadership has led Ge Giussani towards ever more ambitious and exclusive shores: it is with great enthusiasm and pride that Ge Giussani can boast of joining and participating in WE MEET ON AIR, an unprecedented format of online meetings for networking, organized by the company Simone Micheli Architectural Hero.

The event is dedicated to international figures linked to the world of institutions and businesses (architects, real estate, companies producing interior dividing panels and modular movable walls, etc.) and, obviously, Ge Giussani can only take part in it. The goal is to expand the networks of relationships and encourage opportunities for business development, especially in a particularly critical moment like the current one.

Like any economic sector, the furniture sector is going through a complicated period, dictated by an operational stop. WE MEET ON AIR is therefore essential: planning today to build tomorrow. This is Ge Giussani's goal, to conceive and design new initiatives today thanks to the comparison with other players in the world of architecture and then, in the future, to build and offer a unique product to its customers. Therefore, this opportunity will allow Ge Giussani to offer, as soon as everything returns to normal, products of the highest quality and of the latest generation, from partition walls to interior windows, up to raised floors.


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