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Acoustics in the office

How to improve acoustic comfort in your office: a word from Eng. Lorenzo Rizzi of the acoustic engineering studio Suono e Vita

Ge Giussani, leader in the furniture sector and specialist in the construction of modular movable walls, is a reality in constant evolution and in the constant search for innovation.

This continuous hunt for innovation has led Ge Giussani to implement materials and techniques in its production line also aimed at maximizing acoustic quality in every environment.

Advanced analyzes with the intensity measurement performed by the Suonoevita studio have allowed to optimize the acoustic insulation of the products.

More scientific studies have shown that perfectly applied acoustics significantly improves people's quality of life and performance at work.

Work productivity drops considerably the higher the noise disturbance is present, and this often occurs in the office too, an environment that is very different from factories or places in the open air.

Ge Giussani, almost a pioneer in this field, comes to the rescue, offering his customers products that improve privacy. Ge Giussani offers, for example, cutting-edge sliding walls or movable walls, with the best insulation performance on the market. This is thanks to the particularity and quality of the materials used. Almost implied is the importance of dividing panels or glass partitions within a work environment; these will in fact guarantee a better working privacy and, consequently, a better performance.

Nowadays, the risk of having poor quality and poorly insulating prefabricated partition walls and interior partition panels is very high. This is because it has only recently begun to think of acoustics as an element to be taken into account in the design and isolation between these environments.

The help of an expert is always necessary because the best is obtained by taking care of the details right from the selection of the materials.

The company appears to be among the first to follow the trail of technology with great results. Ge Giussani is aware that, often, even simple and small modifications can give remarkable results by easily integrating into the aesthetics of existing spaces. Despite this, it would be simplistic to apply only small variations: this is why Ge Giussani decided to offer a unique product.


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