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Peter Ghyczy's most important brand values: harmony & logic

Interview with GHYCZY's designer

In a time of change and reflection, we had a talk with our founder Peter Ghyczy about the importance of brand values and the selection of sketches. Peter has been GHYCZY’s designer for almost 50 years and has a legacy consisting of more than a 1000 collectible designs.

_Which brand values of GHYCZY are most important to you while creating a design?

Out of all of my design sketches, I always make a selection based on the slogan ‘HALO’. HALO stands for harmony and logic. Each design I create should meet these standards. The design value harmony means a product that is elegant and simple. When a design is logic, it has a character that every creation must have regardless of whether it was made by nature or by man.

_ Do you recognize these values also in other brands, for example a clothing brand?

Yes, in Chanel. It’s impressive how Coco Chanel changed fashion with simple designs and the use of simple fabrics. This classic elegance freed woman back in the days from the corset and the crinoline. I find it admirable that the image of Chanel has remained the same for about 80 years. It’s my goal to reach such results with our designs.

_ And which car brand does GHYCZY resemble?

GHYCZY resembles car brand Morgan. This brand sticks to its original concept of harmony, simplicity and elegance. The result of this persistence is an incomparable brand with a product that keeps its value. The design is very British. Other car brands are more dramatic, like . This brand has a more exaggerated design, while Morgan’s design is timeless.

An interview with Peter Ghyczy

Written by Emilie van Kinschot

Design by Anouk Schmitz May 2020


  • Netherlands
  • Emilie van Kinschot