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GHYCZY: the finishing touch to Hotel Park Centraal

GHYCZY Blogpost

In the city center of Amsterdam, close to the well-known ‘Vondelpark’, you can find Hotel ‘Park Centraal’. This hotel is part of the ‘Sircle Collection’, a big hotel group. Park Centraal has done a big refurbishment over the course of one year. The results are fantastic. Park Centraal has a whole new entrance hall and lobby. For the finishing touch to their new interior the owner of the Hotel asked the advice of GHYCZY’s private styling service.

“It was not an easy request. The deadline was very tide; only three weeks before opening. GHYCZY had to do the interior of the second part of the lobby”, explains GHYCZY’s owner Felix Ghyczy. “First, we analyzed the current situation. Then we made a proposal for furniture, styling and re-decoration. After an efficient short meeting with the styling advisor of the ‘Sircle Collection’ a floor plan and concept were made. We were lucky that the hotel cooperated on all frontiers. Otherwise the job would not have been possible.”

In the end the project was delivered on time and the hotel was very pleased with the result. They thought that GHYCZY furniture enhanced the total ambiance of the hotel. The hotel guests love the products and ask for the brand of the iconic design objects regularly.

The furniture fits perfectly with the hotel’s branding concept. The GHYCZY furniture blends in with the hotel’s focus on luxury, design and elegance. “We like to be part of the interior concept at an early stage in the styling process, where we can add value to the concept”, says Felix Ghyczy. “However, we also love the challenge of a high-end project under time pressure with limited resources, like our project at Park Centraal. I’m very happy with the results.”

GHYCZY: the finishing touch to Hotel Park Centraal


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  • Emilie van Kinschot