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If you’re a collector of vintage design, you’ll love GHYCZY design

Vintage design

There are many reasons to collect vintage design. Some buy it to be sustainable and others appreciate the iconic look some vintage pieces have. Here at GHYCY we are big fans of vintage design.

That is why GHYCZY likes to create design that can be given to the next generation. This is design that is made of high-quality materials and is timeless. Design is timeless when it outlives fashion and its trends and when it has an own character.

For us the sustainability aspect of vintage design is very important. We are against the throwaway culture. We take it our responsibility to design and manufacture beautiful aesthetic furniture, which is durable and makes people happy. It is our contribution to a better world. Since almost 50 years we make timeless sophisticated furniture accessible.

These characteristics of GHYCZY design might be the reason that vintage dealers come across GHYCZY design often. Our products are sold at vintage auction houses, such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

What about you; do you ever buy vintage design? Which quality of vintage design do you appreciate the most?


  • Netherlands
  • Emilie van Kinschot