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Led lighting: Enjoy your Place Under the Sun after sunset too

As the weather gets colder, the days become shorter and the sun sets in the middle of the afternoon. So, in order for you to enjoy all the space of your Gibus Place Under the Sun even after the sun has set, we have designed a series of high efficiency quality lighting systems.

Our led installations are extremely flexible and create excellent lighting effects under the elegant Gibus pergolas, and are able to satisfy all your tastes and needs while assuring a really comfortable atmosphere for your favourite activities at any time of the day.

Our exclusive lighting systems enhance the style and interior design of Gibus spaces, that become ready to use whenever you need for residential or commercial purposes.

Our energy saving led systems give off a pleasant comfortable light, and regulated by the Somfy® io-Homecontrol technology or RTS.

Our lighting systems are real furnishing accessories that perfectly enhance your spaces.

The Velenda adjustable spotlight to illuminate the shading sails.

The Led Spot system incorporated into the pergola intermediate sections, or the Linear Led system to install on the outside.

Finally Raya, with its opal diffuser casing that can also be installed on a wall.

Choose the best solution for your structure and needs.

With Gibus led lighting systems you can use your Place Under the Sun at any time of the day all year round.

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