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GLISSE by Gibus

Glisse is characterized by the great attention to finishing and choice of materials, which join toughened glass (extra clear or satin-finished upon request) with silver and painted anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

Each door in toughened safety glass, from 10 to 12 mm thick, slides on parallel stainless steel tracks by means of two rollers that permit fluid movement.

The configurations available come in solutions with 2, 3 or 4 tracks up to a maximum of 8 panels, in combinations with lateral or central opening.

Various door-closing solutions, with a key and knobs, easy to grip for sliding.

Any condensation water is efficaciously removed through the combined action of a bulkhead placed at the base and the levelling of the tracks behind the lateral slamming stiles.

Recommended installations: closing pergolas and islands from the Mediterranea line, porticos, terraces, balconies, attics, room partitions, meeting rooms, and greenhouses.

Wind resistance: with a maximum height of 250 cm and 10 mm thick toughened glass and with a maximum height from 251 to 300 cm and 12-mm thick toughened glass, wind resistance is equal to 400 PA (91 km/hr.).


  • Gibus SPA