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All technical innovations act harmoniously on the support structure in painted aluminum, characterized by an essential design, capable of enhancing any architectural style over time and exalting the product aesthetics.

The cover consists of metallic tilting blades. When it is sunny, the open blades improve your comfort by creating a natural flow of air that moves warm up upwards. When it rains, the closed baldes protect by conveying rainwater to the drain pipes integrated into the support structure.

The Side Seal patent describes the perimetral sealing system of the blades resting on a seal along the internal border that guarantees perfect insulation from the external environment.

In addition, each blade, along its entire length, has a seal that the adjacent blade rests on when closing, guaranteeing water and air cannot get into the structure.

The patented opening system, Twist Motion, makes this pergola stand out for its elegant movement.

Movement is operated by a remote control that continuously regulates the rotation of the perfect closure up to 45° apart from vertical, so that light can be regulated up to letting all the sun shine through.

The direction for opening the blades is not limited by the positioning of the structure, which, in the design phase, can always be optimized toward the direction of the sun or meet particular client needs.

The blades are laterally fastened in two points by means of stainless steel pins.

The lower one is fastened to a horizontal sliding bar where the movement starts from, thanks to horizontal drive.

The second is fastened to a vertical guide that determines blade opening and transforms the linear movement of the bar into blade rotation.

The range is such to permit total control of the light coming in, in order to meet each and every need.

Optional: internal blade insulation to improve heat and sound insulation of the cover. The insulation leads to a reduction by 70% of sound energy generated by the impact of rain on the blades.

Model available from April 2015.


  • Gibus SPA