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Modular leaning structure with strong Plana PVC opatex cloth, UV protection. None of the sophisticated movement technology or awning support and assembly details are on view, thanks to the smart frame (54 cm high), which is more compact than the Med Room Fly. The awning slope enables lateral water drainage, through guttering inside the frame to the ground, through openings at the bottom of the supporting posts. Movement is transmitted onto lateral guides, 60 x 130 mm, with a high resistance timing belt, running on ball bearings. The awning is motorised by the SOMFY system. The structure is possible with 2 or 4 supporting posts, measuring 150 x 150 mm, to cover an area up to 50 square meters. On request, a guard is available incorporated in the frame, to protect the awning when it is closed.


The geometric balance and elegance of the Med Room line are maintained even in this solution for large areas. One large cloth up to 9 meters wide installed in either 3, 6 or 8 perimetral leg solutions, which can protect areas up to 63 sq. m, available in the island or leaning versions. Hidden technology thanks to the elegant frame, which is more compact than the Med Room Fly cloth model. The double slope of the cloth favors the bilateral drainage of water, which flows through the specific pipes inside the frame then onto the ground through the openings at the base of the posts. The cloth awning is operated by motorized SOMFY systems. A roof, integrated in the frame, which gives added protection to the cloth when rolled back.

Model available during 2014.


  • Gibus SPA