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Med Country Elite

Wall-mounted pergola

The owners of Il Pirata Restaurant & Lounge Bar were looking for a functional and efficient solution, with a structure that could be opened on sunny days and easily closed when weather conditions were unstable. They wanted a structure that could perfectly blend in with the surrounding breathtaking scenery of the Amalfi coastline. A complex project, due to the fact that the bar/restaurant is subject to the constrictions of the Minister of Cultural Heritage.

The client’s requirements were resolved and satisfied with the installation of four Gibus’ Med Country Elite awnings with 13.QU. lateral closings which permitted the restaurant to immediately create new, usable, efficient, modern commercial space. The project, which was part of the general renovation of the old building, was notable for its particularity: the restaurant is attached to a ridge of rock, and for this reason, the installation needed to follow the profile of the rock. To overcome any difficulties, there was a phase focused on specific problems and ad hoc planning. In this unique context, the choice of Gibus projects guaranteed an optimal response, not only in terms of functionality, but also from an aesthetical point of view: the solution responds perfectly to the restaurant’s requirements with a simple structure and design, to satisfy customers perfectly. The new Sunroom was completed with the installation of 4000W tungsten warmers which allow the use of these areas even when the weather is bitterly cold. The rectangular Led spotlights in Med Country Elite’s awnings allow the use of this area in the evening time with an attractive, magical background.

Laminar Scots pine wood with autoclave impregnation in class RAL 3 according to the

DIN 68800/3 standards. Wood painted with water-impregnated varnishes. Painted Aisi 304 stainless steel brackets and supports. Stainless steel bolts and screws.

Double-beam load-bearing structure, 150 or 200 x 60 mm, leaning on front 90 x 160 mm beam supported by posts. Fabric pitch awning supported by 43 x 65 mm windbreak support bar profile and by 85 x 65 mm load-bearing end, and slides on 46 x 85 mm lateral guides. Windbreak support bar, end and guides are made of painted aluminum. Transmission system on lateral guides with high-resistance timing belt, rotating on ball bearings. Manual or automated movement system.

Med Country Elite


  • 84010 Praiano, Province of Salerno, Italy
  • Gibus