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Gira Plug & Light

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The future of indoor lighting

Plug & Light is redefining lighting design thanks to its open system that offers controllable lighting from the socket outlet. The Plug & Light light socket outlet can be easily and safely installed in commercially available European

device boxes. In combination with different light top units, Plug & Light ensures conveniently controllable lighting. Guaranteed functionally reliable, dimmable without flickering, and always perfectly coordinated with any interior thanks to matching switch designs. For a wonderfully flexible indoor lighting experience.

Plug & Light makes indoor lighting smart and light control incredibly simple. Plug & Light is a defined interface that unites light control and power supply. Combined with appropriate light top units, the system offers easily-controllable indoor lighting – from dimming to warm dimming. The appropriate light top units can be easily and safely installed and exchanged. A system with added benefits that offers the customer almost unlimited freedom in his lighting design.

Gira Plug & Light

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