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"Gira 2030: Brand. Future. Inspiration."

Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG
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New appearance

The home and building technology sector is undergoing a significant change. One reason for this is the extremely dynamic technological development and the associated increasing digitalisation of almost all areas of life. "Buildings are becoming more intelligent thanks to increasing digital networking and the broad use of sensor technology," explains Torben Bayer, Head of Brand Development and Marketing at the building technology specialist Gira ( "The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are becoming increasingly important for the networked control of smart buildings. When we celebrate our 125th company anniversary at Gira in ten years' time, they will certainly be an integral part of the architecture that no-one in our living and working environment would want to do without any more.”

On the other hand, purchasing decision processes have already changed significantly in recent years. End customers have long since stopped relying solely on the recommendations and advice of electrical installers, architects and planners, and now want a say in the selection of innovative, smart control technology for their homes. This change is also due to a changed competitive environment. Large corporations in the digital economy and electrical industry such as Apple, Google and Philips with their high profile and marketing power are doing much to ensure that the "smart home" and "smart building" are widely accepted, especially by the end consumer, and to give the corresponding sales market significantly larger dimensions. According to Statista, the market volume for the smart home in Germany alone is expected to grow from just under € 4.3 billion this year to € 6.7 billion in 2024. "According to this information, it is important for us to demonstrate that we continue to give our industry impetus and that our solutions will continue to be relevant to people and inspire them in the future," emphasizes Gira's head of marketing, Bayer. "Because we see the fundamental changes outlined above primarily as a major opportunity to further expand our business and significantly strengthen our importance in the market up to our 125th birthday in 2030 and beyond.”

The Gira moment: more quality of life, more awareness of life

A new, different brand identity, which the internationally operating medium-sized company has developed together with the Düsseldorf agency "thjnk", is intended to contribute to this. In this way, the system provider of smart building control systems wants to give its brand more appeal, especially to consumers, as of mid-March 2020. "We want to make it clear that although we have been 'the ones with the switches' since 1905, we are now much more than that: we have also been 'fire detectors', 'guardians' and of course 'smart home' pioneers since the early 1990s," explains Simone Kulla-Wolinsky, who is responsible for brand management at Gira. The new look should also make people aware that Gira stands for high-quality engineering and intelligent technologies as well as for a certain quality of life and emotional added value. "Our solutions are not only used to install intelligent building technology and quality 'Made in Germany', but also carefreeness, well-being, security, creativity and freedom - feelings of life that go far beyond the pure on and off when operating our products and which make us unique," emphasises the Head of Brand Management. The focus of the new presentation is to make this diversity of the whole world between on and off a tangible experience.

Emotionally touching, professionally convincing

With its new brand identity, Gira is consciously focusing on a different approach to partners from the electronics retail and trade sector on the one hand and end consumers on the other hand in brochures, product literature, advertisements, websites, trade fair presentations, showrooms and on various social media platforms. If the focus is on technically well-founded factual arguments and highly expressive product presentations in the context of the typical working environment of the installer, consumers should be emotionally addressed with authentic people images, the skilful play of light and shadow and the selective use of spectral colours. "Above and beyond the mere provision of information, we want to touch, surprise, involve and arouse curiosity, while at the same time provide orientation and support in making decisions," explains Simone Kulla-Wolinsky. "After all, at Gira we are always primarily concerned with people, for whom we offer technical solutions for their home that meet their needs, that make them feel good, that enable them to live smartly as desired and that they actually need for this very reason."

"Gira 2030: Brand. Future. Inspiration."

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