New generation of transparent media facade systems

Ursula Herrling-Tusch
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A shining light of versatility and performance finished in stainless steel mesh

Transparent media facade systems from GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG are already captivating people across the globe. Rows of LEDs woven into stainless steel mesh transform large facade areas into fascinating communication platforms both during the day and at night. With a new design generation, the leading international manufacturer of architectural and design mesh is now adding a new chapter to the success story of its Mediamesh and Illumesh media facade systems. The availability of improved technology at lower costs makes it even more cost-effective to set up high performance advertising displays that also meet the strictest requirements in terms of aesthetic design sensitivity. The Mediamesh system, which employs five LEDs per pixel and has already proven itself in numerous major projects, is now also available with six LEDs per pixel, as well as with innovative RGB SMD LEDs for outdoor applications - catering to a wide range of project requirements. Wherever maximum light intensity is required, the model with six LEDs per pixel sets new standards with a light intensity of up to 11,000 Nits. Significantly higher colour accuracy and resolution, an optimised viewing angle and a significantly shorter viewing distance characterise the new version with SMD LEDs for outdoor deployments. As a system provider, GKD offers consulting, design, design planning, mesh production, prefabrication with certified electronic components and assembly from a single source.

Whether at Times Square in New York, the new airport in Doha or the legendary American Airlines Arena in Miami, Mediamesh from GKD is considered the intelligent solution for meeting multifunctional requirements in the world of multimedia facades. Powerful LEDs show moving images, advertisements and sophisticated graphics in exemplary image quality around the clock. And unlike conventional billboards, the woven stainless steel structure offers an unobstructed view from inside the rooms behind the media facade and also uses daylight to provide natural interior lighting. At the same time, the mesh provides effective screening and solar protection. Water-protected electronics, coupled with a maintenance-free design and low energy consumption – up to 50% less power consumption than standard displays – are further reasons behind the success enjoyed by Mediamesh in the world of digital signage solutions. The image resolution can also be freely chosen and is therefore not restricted to common standards such as 4:3 or 16:9. This allows images to be tailored precisely to specific architectural dimensions. City planners and architects have long since been using the unusual aesthetics of the stainless steel mesh to visually upgrade public areas. When not illuminated, the reflective surface of the mesh material creates interplay with its environment. When medialised, it subtly underlines the identity of any piece of architecture with its slim 25 mm design. Mediamesh ensures that large facades are always shown in their best light, both during the day and at night, without covering up the architecture. Designs are created individually based on the intended application and image quality required. Depending on the resolution chosen, Mediamesh can display the entire spectrum of image materials, but truly demonstrates its full potential when displaying videos or live broadcasts in broad daylight. GKD also offers the Illumesh media facade system for illumination of large facade areas at night. Rows of LEDs in special mountings light up the mesh from the front. The effect of light reflecting on the round wires creates a fascinating three-dimensional image similar to a hologram. The specific effects of the two systems can also be combined through use of special system zones.

Three different versions available with LED technology

With the market launch of the new LED Mediamesh designs, a total of three different LED technology versions are now available. Alongside the proven design, which has been in use for years and employs five high-power LEDs per pixel, a new version with six LEDs per pixel is now available together with a model developed specifically for GKD that uses high performance RGB SMD LEDs for both indoor and outdoor deployments. The version with six LEDs per pixel, which has already proven successful in initial projects, represents the high-end solution in the Mediamesh portfolio thanks to its powerful lighting characteristics. Indeed, with light intensity of up to 11,000 Nits, this model is ideally suited for use in media facades that require the highest possible brightness level in bright sunlight due to their large viewing distance.

SMD outdoor: compact, flexible, small

RGB SMDs were previously only suitable for indoor applications. However, RGB SMDs developed specifically for GKD are now also available for demanding Mediamesh outdoor applications for the first time. These units are characterised by a particularly compact design that includes all three colours (red, green and blue) in a single SMD chassis. The high packing density reduces the pixel grid to 40 mm vertically and 30 mm horizontally, while also significantly reducing the minimum viewing distance. The minimum viewing distance is based on the resolving capacity of the human eye, whereby two pixels only appear to merge and create a single image from a certain distance depending on their brightness, the ambient light in place and the ratio of these factors. The higher resolution offered by RGB SMDs creates a more homogenous image. An optimised viewing angle and colour accuracy are further advantages offered by this particular design. The flexibility in pixel configuration inherent to the design also allows particularly bright pixels to be displayed for outdoor applications. The indoor version for Mediamesh also offers the same degree of flexibility, allowing a low-light configuration of the pixels. This offers improved colour depth for internal applications over the dimmed design previously used that employs five LEDs per pixel.

First major international projects

With its extended range of designs, GKD is underlining its leading role as a system supplier of transparent media facades. The company's project-specific design and manufacturing concept also guarantees exemplary efficiency and attractive applications. Various major international projects with the new generation of Mediamesh are currently underway. Once completed, they will provide impressive evidence of the unprecedented versatility offered by woven, architecturally integrated medialisation areas.

New generation of transparent media facade systems
New generation of transparent media facade systems

Mediamesh® facade with five LEDs per pixel at Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York. © GKD/David Joseph

New generation of transparent media facade systems

Mediamesh® facade that coated the city hall of Milan during the remediation. © GKD

New generation of transparent media facade systems

The woven media facade follows the circular shape of the arena. © GKD/a2a Media

New generation of transparent media facade systems

Mediamesh® with six LEDs per pixel. © GKD

New generation of transparent media facade systems

A skin of Illumesh® lets the Indemann shine in bright colors. © GKD

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