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The pioneering brand, in national and international territory, in the manufacture and development of luxury bioethanol fireplaces, GlammFire, opens its new showroom this week, on the 13th, in Oporto, Portugal.

"GlammFire is a Portuguese brand and is proud of it. After the opening of our first showroom in Cascais, Lisbon, and now more recently in Shanghai, in China we needed to open a space closer to our origins, the North of Portugal. Thus, we believe that Oporto, as the north’s capital, being a city where history and modernity mix will be the perfect backdrop for the opening of this emblematic showroom". - says Marcelo Inácio, GlammFire’s CEO.

GlammFire’s Oporto showroom is based at Avenida da Boavista near to Casa da Música and the Sheraton Porto Hotel in a space with 65 m2 of pure luxury. This showroom, due to its exclusivity, will be open to the public only by appointment and you will be able to see some of the most iconic fireplaces of GlammFire such as Thales, Archimedes, among others.

"This new space is part of the brand's strategy to strengthen its presence in the national market and be even closer to the consumer. We know that digital is important and unavoidable for brands nowadays, but we want to give an even more exclusive experience to our clients with this showroom" - says Soraia Lopes, GlammFire’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Those who visit GlammFire’s showroom in Oporto will have the opportunity to get to know and experience GlammFire’s range of products closer, feel the comfort they convey and be dazzled by the unique design of each piece.

To Isabel Oliveira, Chief Sales Officer: "GlammFire’s showroom in Oporto will be an important point for GlammFire. With a showroom in Cascais, near Lisbon, we lacked a space in Oporto, either because of the proximity to our headquarters or the proximity to the market in northern Portugal. We are aware that the north of the country has a very interesting market with great potential. It will certainly be a reference point for those seeking quality, exclusivity and, of course, design"


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