Glasdon Launch New Zero Energy Highway Safety Solution

Glasdon UK Limited
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Glasdon UK have launched a new solar powered highway safety solution.

Unveiled at Traffex 2017, the Solar Signmaster™ is the newest addition to the Glasdon Signmaster™ range of retroreflective self-righting bollards.

This smart solution is ideal for new and existing traffic island schemes, offering increased visibility at night without the direct mains electricity costs.

Solar Signmaster™ has been designed to out-perform other self-righting solar powered solutions.

- Passively safe, the bollard and below ground battery chamber are drive-through tested to meet BS EN 12767, achieving 70, NE4. The bollard will self-right and continue to illuminate after impact.

- Large 300mm LED sign face with a single light source configuration provides high visibility and is the best on the market for overall uniformity of illuminance and mean luminance combined.

- Sealed, domed below ground battery chamber is IP67 rated to protect the batteries and circuit. The bollard itself offers the latest IP56 rated requirement, protecting the internal electrical components from water spray.

John Cookson, Customer Support Manager for Glasdon Highways Team said:

“We’ve been working towards the launch for some time, ensuring that the Solar Signmaster™ is a viable and credible solution for use across a variety of applications.

"De-illumination offers authorities a huge opportunity to save direct energy costs, however the requirement to risk assess individual schemes can be a resource intensive exercise. We believe a safe, reliable solar powered solution such as Solar Signmaster™ can address these challenges and deliver savings while retaining the illumination and increased visibility.”

Additional smart power features include the large 40Ah capacity battery pack, solar panel ‘sleep mode’ to preserve the battery when the light level is too low to generate charge, an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) to ensure the signface only illuminates at night-time and the LED circuit ‘Eco-Mode’ which triggers when the battery voltage falls below 6V, maximising the LED run time.

For more information call 01253 600411.

Glasdon Launch New Zero Energy Highway Safety Solution

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