Smart Waste Management with Glasdon and Enevo

Glasdon UK Limited
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More and more waste management professionals are looking to create efficiencies with smarter solutions, that won’t cost the earth.

Glasdon have partnered with Enevo to bring you one such solution. It has the potential to save up to 50% in waste logistics costs while reducing the impact on the environment.

Introducing the Enevo Sensor, a wireless device which is fitted to a Glasdon litter or recycling bin. With access to the Enevo software your team will then have the capability to assess exactly which containers require emptying in real time.

How Does It Work? The tough yellow sensor fits under hood with a bracket, It detects the fill level, temperature, location and whether the bin is upright and will send data to your choice of Enevo software. It interprets the real time data to optimise collection routes for maximum efficiency.

You may notice the "Enevo Ready" icon on the product pages of some litter and recycling bins on This is to show that the specific unit is available with the Enevo sensor. They can also be retrofitted if you happen to already own the same model of bin.

For any questions regarding the Enevo sensor in Glasdon products please call us on 01253 600410 or email alternatively you can use the Live Chat feature on

Enevo sensor inside a Glasdon Jubilee Litter Bin
Enevo sensor inside a Glasdon Jubilee Litter Bin

Enevo sensor inside a Glasdon Jubilee Litter Bin

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