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RHTEP Roof hatch: minimising energy consumption

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RHTEP high insulation

With the Energy Performance roof hatch, Gorter continues the success of its entirely, thermally separated roof hatches. This roof hatch has an exceptional insulation value, with an insulation value of Uw ≤ 0,198 W/(m².K) for the entire roof hatch construction.

Given its extremely high insulation value, the RHTEP roof hatch is the perfect choice for structures for which the emphasis is placed on minimising energy consumption, such as the passive house concept.

A roof is only as good as its insulation value

Increasingly stricter requirements are being set for the insulation value and energy performance of buildings. The insulation value of the building plays an important role in this as well. The total insulation value of the roof is not just determined by the construction and the roofing plates, but also by its components, such as hatches, drains, grates, and skylights. With an extreme insulation value of Uw ≤ 0,198 W/(m².K), the insulation value is unprecedentedly close to the insulation value of modern roofs. This is unique within the roof hatch product group, where several products by competitors result in the formation of condensation, energy loss, and even icing, partly due to the lack of a thermally separated construction. At Gorter, we are very well aware that the roof hatch is an integral component of many roofs, so it has to contribute to the total insulation.

Calculating the true insulation value of a structure

While many suppliers only specify the insulation value of the insulating materials, Gorter commissioned the engineering firm Eurosolid to calculate the insulation value of all the panels when assembled (in accordance with ISO 10077-1 and ISO 10077-2). After all, insulation is determined by all the components and not one individual element. With the completely, thermally separated construction, we can confidently say that our insulation values are also the true insulation values.


The RHTEP roof hatch is available in the following models RHTEP7014 (clearance of 700 x 1400 mm) and RHTEP1015 (clearance of 1000 x 1500mm). It is also possible to combine this roof hatch with a Gorter ladder, scissor stairs, or permanent staircase for safe and complete rooftop access. All Gorter roof hatches come standard with a 10-year warranty!

More information about the Energy Performance roof hatch

More information about the Gorter RHTEP roof hatch and ladders or staircases can be found on the website. Specification texts, CAD/BIM drawings, and product documentation are also available for download. There is even an option to easily request a quote. For usage possibilities and any available options, please contact a Gorter consultant.

Extremely isolated roof hatch by Gorter
Extremely isolated roof hatch by Gorter

RHTEP thermally separated Gorter roof hatch with CE, ETA-18/0287.

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