4 Things You Never Knew about Moving Floor Swimming Pools

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As if you needed more reasons to want a moving floor swimming pool, here are five true facts about these exciting and innovative hidden gems of the luxury swimming pool scene.

1. Your Square Footage Will Remain in Tact

A moving floor swimming pool means you have the versatility of deciding whether you’d like a swimming pool, a spare room, extra patio space at the touch of a button. When it’s not in use and the cover is up, none would be the wiser that they were actually standing above a designer swimming pool - thanks to the superior air handling systems Guncast employs to eliminate any chlorine smell and the way the floor and cover design are one and the same. So, whether you use the space for social events, fitness or leisure, inside or outside - your home will only be improved with the addition of a moving floor swimming pool…

2. They’ve Been Around for 70 Years

Forget Bond films, moving floor swimming pools have been around much before Sean Connery’s time. One of the most memorable scenes in the classic 1946 film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, features James Stewart and Donna Reed doing the Charleston on a school basketball court, which then slides open revealing an impressive swimming pool beneath (which is a fully functional swimming pool to this day). So if the technology was good enough 70 years ago to last until now, think how long your own modern moving floor swimming pool could remain wholly operational for.

3. They Are Ideal for Kids and Pets

When most people think of luxury swimming pools, they tend to focus more on adult relaxation and fitness, but don’t forget – little swimmers (with either pitter-patter feet or paws) - love to have a splash now and again too...maybe even more than grown-ups. Moving floor swimming pools give you control over depth for small paddlers, and the ability to safely cover it when it’s not in use.

4. Equally Good for Paddling, Scuba Diving or Yoga

A movable floor component isn’t just a swimming pool cover; it’s also the floor of the swimming pool itself. Having a moving floor swimming pool means you can adjust the depth to suit whichever activity you choose. Make it shallow for the children to paddle (as mentioned in number 3), raise it completely to find some inner peace in a yoga session, then delve deep into some scuba diving practice. Whatever you’re wishes, Guncast can create the perfect moving floor swimming pool for you.

4 Things You Never Knew about Moving Floor Swimming Pools

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