5 Things That Turn Average Outdoor Swimming Pools into Garden Escapes

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Your garden should be an outdoor retreat. Somewhere you can escape with a glass of wine and a good book. A well-designed swimming pool can make that experience even more indulgent. Simple tricks like lighting and plants can turn your garden into a botanical oasis, and extravagant extras like moving walls will ensure you won’t won't want to leave your garden all summer.

Tropical Plant Paradise

Plants are a standard feature of any garden, but they must be chosen carefully. Choose tropical varieties for a Caribbean influenced vibe, and a few small trees planted to one side of your luxury outdoor swimming pool can give some much needed cover and privacy.

Luxury Spa Features

A standard outdoor swimming pool can be transformed into a lavish hideaway by including some special spa features. Whether it’s a sauna or steam room outhouse, a Jacuzzi or hydrotherapy jets, you’ll feel the benefit in more ways than one.

Aside from the most obvious perks of relaxation and pampering, you can soften sore muscles and improve circulation and respiratory functions with an indulgent treatment in your very own private garden spa – bring the holiday to your home.

Comfortable Seating Areas

Forget the standard, plastic white patio set. Opt for natural wood furniture for a rustic and cosy feel, or go for smart black to create more glamour in your garden. Fashion an area near the pool for barbeques and pool parties and you’ll have the whole neighbourhood after an exclusive invite.

Modern Moving Walls

The moving floor swimming pool is perfect for optimising space, but what if you can't decide to be in or out with your high end swimming pool? The moving wall swimming pool gives you the option of swimming inside or outside with a wall part that slides at the touch of a button. Make the most of the sunshine (when it’s out), but have the choice to swim indoors too when the leaves start to fall. You really can’t get more modern than a high-tech moving wall swimming pool.

Ambient Lighting

From bright white spotlights to colour changing rainbows, the lighting you choose for your swimming pool can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your garden.

If you’re after an enchanted wonderland theme go for tiny warm-toned twinkly spotlights, or for a classy and chic look, opt for crisp white lighting in shiny black fittings. It’s the little details that will make your dream garden perfect.

5 Things That Turn Average Outdoor Swimming Pools into Garden Escapes

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