Creating Luxury Swimming Pools That Children & Grown-Ups Will Love

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If the pitter-patter of little feet is present (or an impending reality) in your home, the moving floor swimming pool from Guncast could be the perfect solution. The moving floor swimming pool feature gives you ultimate control over swimming pool depth; shallow for paddling and splashing in the afternoon can quickly become deep water for adults to exercise in, during nap time.

If that''s not enough to convince you, don''t forget that this high-tech swimming pool can also be covered with just the touch of a button …for optimum safety in mind.

Small Swimming Pools for Petite Spaces (& People)

Even if you''re limited on space, there''s always room for a luxurious swimming pool the whole family will love. Guncast is well-versed in designing pools for kinds all of residential and commercial properties, – including the more compact, but equally decadent swimming pools for more modest spaces, particularly in cityscapes.

There are numerous ways to make the most of a petite swimming pool…sometimes less really is more. Not only are smaller swimming pools more environmentally friendly to operate and easier to clean, operate and maintain – they are also incredibly versatile design-wise. Whether you''re interested in unique or irregular shapes, counter-currents (giving adults and older children a chance to practice their swimming), luxurious lighting, multi or split-levels, or maybe even a well-appointed pool that doubles up as a spa – Guncast''s seasoned professionals can turn any luxury swimming pool idea (large or small) into reality.

Swimming Pool Features Everyone will Love

While safety and exercise are undeniably important, regardless of age, a luxury swimming pool isn''t complete without a little indulgence. Even the most laid back of parents will appreciate having spa and steam facilities close enough to (or even combined with) the swimming pool their children are splashing about in. Other features guaranteed to keep every child (both actual and "inner" child) entertained for hours include water cannons, climbing walls, swings and water slides. Many of these features can be adapted over time and are designed to grow alongside the family.

Your imagination is the limit with Guncast designing your luxury swimming pool. If you''re interested finding out more about what we can offer in the realm of luxury swimming pool design, get in touch today.

Creating Luxury Swimming Pools That Children & Grown-Ups Will Love

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